What is WLM?

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What is WLM?
WLM means Windows Live Messenger, also formerly known MSN Messenger. It is the fastest growing program that delivers instant messaging services. In the present, it is in the number two rank only behind ICQ or AIM. With all the proven popularity of this IM program, it is without doubt that it is one of the best interfaces in the present which is likewise very easy to use.

WLM highlights a clean, user-friendly and functional design and despite of some imperfections, it is still a very well-designed application. It is an official product of Microsoft which is an updated system designed to operate in Windows XP to the Wave 3 version. Other operating systems where the instant messaging client works include Windows Vista and the latest Windows 7, Windows Mobile and Windows CE. There are also XBOX 360, Blackberry OS, Java ME, iOS, S60, Zune HD and the Symbian OS 9.x.

This IM client has been in the web industry since 2005 and it has been a salient part of the online services of Windows Live courtesy of Microsoft. The client connects to the .NET Messenger Service of this world-renowned system. Its advent in the market as MSN Messenger was marked on July 22, 1999. On December 13, 2005, it officially became Window Live Messenger or WLM. This program has definitely made it to the worldwide market and its proof of popularity was recorded in June 2009. It attracted more than 330 million active web users per month which is one of the record breaking phenomena in IM history.

WLM is a multi-featured IM client that highlights album viewer, offline messaging, games and application, social networks integration. Windows Live Messenger also develops and offers the stealth feature which allows you to appear offline to other categories or individuals using the program.

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