What is Windows Live Essentials?

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What is Windows Live Essentials?
Windows Live Essentials is a freeware offered by Microsoft that is designed to integrate various applications into one seamless service. This freeware is integrated with Windows 7 and may be downloaded from Microsoft’s website. Windows Live Essentials features various applications that can be integrated with each other like email, blog writing service, photo sharing applications, and security services among others. This freeware suite also works with existing Windows Live services such as Hotmail and Windows Live Photos.

Through Windows Live Essentials, a user can easily organize emails, share photos with friends and/or office colleagues, make and publish videos or movies, and write blog posts among other functions. In one program and in one software download, Windows Live Essentials make all these functions possible.

With Windows Live Essentials “Messenger” application, one can easily stay connected with friends and family. Through this application, a user can also share photos and videos. Through the “Photo Gallery” application, users will be able to manage, organize, and edit photo and video files easily. The “Movie Maker” application helps users to create great movies with special effects and sound editing options. One can also add text or captions to the movies adding more creative opportunities for users. Another great feature is the “Windows Live Mesh” which allows for cloud computing. This means documents and photos may be stored “in the cloud” using “SkyDrive” and users are also able to synchronize files on computers. With files on “SkyDrive”, users will be able to access their files anytime and anywhere. For parents, the best feature is “Family Safety”. This application helps them monitor the activities of their children when connected to the internet. This facility also allows for manual configuration of which websites are allowed or blocked for usage.

But best of all, users are allowed to choose which application or feature to install. This means, that only relevant and wanted applications of Windows Live Essentials will be installed on the user’s computer.

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