What Is Wiki?

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What Is Wiki?
It was in 1994 when Mark Cunningham started the concept of WikiWikiWeb. It was in the early 2000’s when it has already been transformed into the Wiki that we know now. By 2007, Wiki has already been officially recognized as an English term. Now, what is Wiki and how is it relevant today?

Wiki actually refers to anything that you post over the web that can be edited and controlled. The most popular is of course the Wikipedia. It has been known as the ultimate source of knowledge for some when they search something over the net. It has also been very popular due to its availability in various languages.

The unique concept introduced by Wiki is the ability of anyone to do editing and changes to any article that has already been published. This is for the sake of correcting errors, adding vital information, and many more. This is also the reason why compared to some other sites, the use of Wiki has been a lot more popular.

Speaking of editing and doing changes, Wiki actually follows a very simply HTML. This is why anyone can just do the anything without experiencing hassle at all. The process is also a lot easier as compared to some other sites, and so anyone who has relevant information can type and edit right away.

Yet, it is also due to this concept that Wiki lost its credibility. Since it is an open site, it is no longer trusted as a reliable source of information. It has also been dumped by so many since they have been publishing erroneous facts due to some people who are playing around. The changes in the Google algorithm have also affected Wiki as much as it has affected many other bigger sites such as Ezines. Yet, up to this point in time, Wiki still continues to be on top of the Google list each time prominent and facts are researched.

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