What is vulnerable sector check?

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A vulnerable sector check is an important step in the pre-screening process for those who will be volunteering or working for vulnerable people such as the elderly, disabled, and children. Its main purpose is to protect the vulnerable members of the society from law offenders by checking for existing criminal records or a sexual offense conviction that has been pardoned. This practice is strongly recommended for volunteer organizations, in order for them to ensure that a particular person is suitable to work in a job where he/she will be in contact with vulnerable persons.

Vulnerable people are those which are temporarily or permanently dependent on others because of their disability, age, and other factors. These people may also be exposed to a greater risk of being harmed by those whom they are entrusted to or those in authority.  Some examples of jobs wherein a vulnerable sector check is essential include, social workers, teachers, nurses, day-care workers, and sports coaches for children.

Vulnerable sector checks are commonly conducted by the local police units in the area. Keep in mind that not all volunteer or paid workers are required to undergo this employment process. The potential employer should be the one to inform the applicants about what they need to bring before the police can start checking. The police will perform a background check by searching their information system and database for the person’s name, date of birth, and gender. Once a person’s date of birth and gender are similar to one of their records of a law offender that has been pardoned, fingerprints may also be requested. Prints are verified just to confirm identity and not to accuse a person of a criminal act. Furthermore, 90 days after the checking is completed, the fingerprints will be deleted and will not be used for other purposes.