What is Tyvek?

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Tyvek refers to a trademark of high density, flash spun polyethylene textile, a synthetic fabric. The brand name is registered as a trademark in Dupont. The polyethylene fabric is extremely strong making it hard to tear. The fabric is however easy to cut with a knife or a pair of scissors. Tyvek material allows water vapor to permeate through but water in its liquid form cannot pass through. This makes the material useful for different applications. Tyvek material is smooth and comprises a mesh of non-woven 100 percent high density polyethylene fabric. It has a spinning texture with a soft radiant sheen. The weight of Tyvek is three times less that of paper. This makes it less costly to transport and mail. The quality and strength of Tyvek fabric is archival. It provides enduring protection and care to documents and goods in a tough environment. The inactive, polyethylene fiber is resistant to tear and wear.

Applications of Tyvek

There are people who work in extremely risky environments. Besides using machines that can cause harm, they use hazardous and harsh chemicals. However, some employers allow employees be exposed to harmful environments without availing protective clothing. This results to making employees vulnerable to chronic ailments like cancer making it hard for them to perform their tasks. Suits made of Tyvek material are ideal for such situations. Protective clothing made from Tyvek fabric ensures that employees stay safe and protected from chemicals. Its waterproof qualities ensure that chemicals do not permeate through to cause harm to employees handling them in liquid form. Protective gears made from Tyvek materials are of high quality. They last for long a long time and are capable of enduring corrosion caused by industrial chemicals. They are also reasonably priced and are comfortable. This makes them ideal for use at work.

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