What is Typography?

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Typography is the art of arranging texts so it would become appealing and attractive to the human recognition and learning. It is mainly used as a tool for a better and clearer communication.

Typography also comprises all types of written language on the web including calligraphy and digital texts. Basically, designers create different letterforms to enhance the texts designs previously stored on a website. The most common examples of typography include point size, line length, typefaces, letter-spacing, and tracking. Each design represents different style and usage.

There are three elements of typography: typefaces and fonts, typefaces classifications, and typefaces. Typefaces and fonts are the available family of fonts found in MS Word and the web. Some common examples include Times New Roman, Helvetica, and Calibri. Typeface classification is the umbrella of the different font designs. At present, there are six categories of font families, which include serif, sans-serif, moonscapes, cursive, fantasy, and script. Typeface anatomy defines the height, width, and space between letters.

A great typography can also be done by adjusting the space around letters. IT experts and web designers have at least six ways to adjust spacing around letters. These include tracking, kerning, leading, measuring, alignment, and ligatures.

The history o f typography can be traced back to the ancient times when people only used punches and dies to make seals. Back then, the spacing between letters used to be uneven, thus creating different impressions on brick stamps. Most of the oldest typography can be found in Mesopotamia, particularly in Uruk and Larsa. At present times, typography is use in creating documents, presentations, clothing designs, labels in maps, and engraves in pens and wristwatches. It is also used to create vehicle instrument panels. In fact, it has also become one of the important components of poetry.