What is Thyroxine?

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What is Thyroxine?
Thyroxine refers to one of the produced hormones through the thyroid gland. It works for the regulation of adrenal system. This thyroid hormone is a major hormone which the follicular cells located in the thyroid gland produce. It is also coined as T4 and plays a crucial role in normal growth and development as well as body energy. It is the hormone responsible for the maintenance of healthy weight and in maintaining mood stability.

Thyroxine is synthesized through the covalent bonding and iodination of the tyrosine residues known as the phenyl portions located in the initial peptide called thyroglobulin. This is then secreted into thyroid granules. It is a very important and essential hormone found in the body. Insufficient supply of this body substance is actually responsible for the occurrence of health issues in infants and children.

Inadequate amount of the hormone could lead to mental retardation and retard growth. In adults, it could cause the depression of body metabolism leading to easy weight gain. There are those with serious lack of thyroxine which have health dilemmas such as poor respiration and cardiac problems. With these known connection of the hormonal deficiency to serious mental ailments and moods, there are now more scientific studies extensively conducted. In fact, there are certified findings that people experiencing bipolar disorder and major depression problems are known to have low amount of thyroid hormones.

Thyroxine is an essential body hormone which could be measured or detected through blood sampling. The initial tests conducted are called TSH tests and could only evaluate thyroid stimulating hormone level. If doctors get an inaccurate TSH, they could order T4 tests to have a more specific look at the hormonal level. When patients are diagnosed with low thyroxine levels, they are prescribed with medications such as levothyroxine with brand name Synthroid.

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