What is the meaning of life?

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Life may be defined differently by people of different backgrounds and beliefs. For some, the meaning of life is something that is yet to be discovered by any person in this world. There are others that liken the meaning of life to serving God and there are those who simply live their lives the way they see fit without anything to do about serving a God or divine being. Philosophers and other experts are also baffled when it comes to explaining the meaning of life because many of them also believe that there is no absolute or definite reason for this particular question.

For many religious people, they often relate the meaning of their lives to their faith and beliefs. Faith may be directed towards gods and prophets but people’s lives are centered on it. For many of these people, life is about serving their God and this can be done by doing service to others or following their God’s example. In the case of Christians for example, the Holy Scripture serves as an example of their God’s teachings and following these examples give the meaning that people are looking for in their lives. When a person is in deep faith or religious, he/she is said to find the true meaning of life.

Skeptics and atheists meanwhile may view the meaning of life differently. Without any guidance from gods or any divine being, many of these people see the meaning of life as being part of a physical or scientific cycle. There are also those who tie the meaning of life to people’s purpose in the universe. Humans are said to be born in this world for a certain purpose. For some people finding this particular purpose relates to the actual meaning of life. If one can find the reason for his/her existence, then he/she is said to have found the meaning of life. The reason may be sourced from a religious belief or from scientific means or events but either way, people’s purpose in his/her lifetime is often considered the true meaning of life.

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