What is TDW?

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What is TDW?
TDW stands for “total diamond weight” and it represents the total weight or total carat of two or more diamond stones on a particular piece of jewelry. These jewelries may be in the form of rings, bracelets, tiaras, necklaces, crowns, or pins. When two or more diamond pieces are involved, then jewelers may label or describe a diamond jewelry as having a certain amount of TDW.

The diamond’s weight is measured in carats. Each piece of a diamond stone is weighed and given its specific carat weight. But when there is more than one piece of diamond stone in one jewelry piece, some people may label it according to the “total weight” of all the diamond pieces. Like for example, a ring may have more than one diamond stone. In the case of a ring with one big diamond at the center and four smaller diamond stones on the side, the total weight of all five diamonds are given a value to represent the ring’s TDW or total diamond weight. In this particular example, the TDW label is an alternative for jewelers in telling people the carat weight of the whole diamond ring. Instead of indicating the carat weight of each of the five diamond stones, the TDW value is given.

For other jewelers, they use the term “total carat weight” instead of “total diamond weight”. The word “carat” has almost been synonymous with diamonds and so for some people it may seem less confusing when a particular piece of jewelry is labeled with a TCW value. But potential buyers must take caution though when it comes to the proper interpretation of the TDW value of a particular jewelry. Some jewelers may use the “total weight” value of diamonds to make the value appear “larger” in carats because all the diamond pieces are taken into account.


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