What is Slime?

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What is Slime?
Slime is a substance that is slippery and sticky and commonly used as a toy. This substance can be made at home or may be bought from toy stores. One such toy that is popular with kids is made by Mattel, the company that also makes Barbie dolls. It was in the year 1976 when this company introduced the “slime” toy which was originally put in a trash can. Its content was a sticky, viscous green substance which is made from guar gum.

Mattel’s original version of slime was green, making this color synonymous with the term “slime”. Green slime is also even made more famous because it is frequently used in a TV channel called “Nickelodeon”. This TV channel is very popular with kids and most of the time they use green slime when playing along in their shows. Their version of green slime even makes it to their prestigious awards show called “Kid’s Choice Awards”. This show involves giving out awards to movies and celebrities that happen to be kids’ favorites. And the green slime sort of becomes the highlight of the show with some guests, hosts, and winners getting “slimed” on live TV.

So the use of slime as a toy became very popular with kids. And this eventually led to many variations and colors depending on who made them. As for Mattel, they also released slime mixed with rubber insects, worms, or eyeballs. They also had a slime series dubbed as “Masters of the Universe” slime back in the 1980s. The popularity of this green and sticky substance also led to the release of many “slime-inspired” games like the board game called “Slime Monster”. This is a type of board game that involves a plastic monster that has a slimy mouth. The object of the game is to avoid being “slimed” by this plastic monster. Other toymakers also joined the slime craze and made their own versions of this popular sticky toy. Kenners’ released their slime version through the “Real Ghostbusters” series and Playmate’s had slimy success with the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” slime line.

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