What is Six Sigma?

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What is Six Sigma?
Six sigma is a business management strategy that originated from Motorola, U.S. back in 1986. Currently, many different industries use it faithfully. Six sigma help business recognize where there flaws are or areas that could be worked on a little bit. This is done by using a set of quality management methods that managers and other experts can use very easily. During each of the six sigma stages organizations have to make sure that they follow the instructions correctly.

Six sigma is designed to be used to improve the manufacturing process and also to help stop defects. However, it can help out with other business things as well. Six Sigma says that a defect is something that does not meet the expectations of customers or something that could, in the future, lead to customers not being happy.

Six Sigma was first thought about back in 1970 when Motorola was receiving a lot of criticism. As a result of this criticism the company was able to come up with an idea on how to fix the problems while at the same time save money. The idea was finally released in 1986 and it has been around ever since.

Motorola continues to use six sigma. Back in 2006 the company reported that they have saved over seventeen billion dollars since they started using six sigma. To start using this program it is very easy. As one completes the different phases they will go up in belt. When it is time for one to become a black or green belt they will probably be offered certification by their employer. However, most companies that use six sigma are very large. It is rare to find one of the smaller organizations using six sigma. Six sigma is recommended for companies that at least have five hundred employees.

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