What is Seeding?

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What is Seeding?
Seeding is a process wherein a complete file or torrent may be connected to and uploaded by other people. A torrent or Bit torrent is a new protocol that involves faster file sharing. It involves peer to peer type of file transfer wherein files may be shared through uploading or downloading with many people, at the same time. Unlike usual file transfers that involve only one source, Bit Torrent allows for multiple file sharing from multiple sources.

The process of seeding only starts when one peer is able to download the complete file. Like when a particular user is downloading a music file, he/she will be needing seeders of that particular music file to continue with the download. When this user is done with his own download, he now has the option to share this file with others for them to download. This is the seeding part and this will only take place when a particular torrent file is complete.

Using the example above, users may also have the option not to share the music file which was completely downloaded. Meaning, users may choose not to allow seeding of his/her music file. In this case, those who want the same music file need to find other peers who have the complete file. The more seeders are available, the faster will be the downloading of the file. This is because in Bit torrent technology, downloading of files may be sourced from multiple peers. And the great thing is that even if some seeders disconnect from the internet, the file download will still continue with the other available seeders. Again, this is possible because of Bit torrent protocol. In this new protocol, a particular file is divided into segments called pieces. Multiple “pieces” make up a whole file and these pieces may be sourced from different sources and peers. This is what makes file transfer through torrents much faster. Instead of having one source of all the file “pieces”, other peers contribute to the network so more “pieces” are available for everyone to use/share.


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