What is Satanism?

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Satanism is a belief where the believers are atheists who are indifferent to the universe and things in it. Satanists think that the values and morals that people follow and believe in are just mere constructions of the humans.

Satanists believe in being self-centered since the individual is the most important person and is the God. This means that Satanists worship themselves.

Satan, the fallen angel of God in the bible, is revered to by Satanists. Satan, according to his followers symbolizes liberty, individualism as well as pride. Satan, for his followers, is neither a person nor a being.

Beliefs of Satanism

The Satanists do not follow perform any sacrifices since they are atheists. For them, only those who believe in a supernatural being should make sacrifices. And in their case, they do not believe in any supernatural being and hence they do not have to make sacrifices.

There has been some belief that Satanism is in favor of sexual intercourse with children, as well as the performance of any other act that harms children.

But the Satanists deny that they support harming of children including the performance of sexual intercourse by the kids. Satanists, in fact, have rules that prohibit followers from having sex with children as well as non-human animals.

Satanists who perform sex with children and other non-human animals can lose their membership as Satanists since they campaign that sex should only be done by consenting adults.

Satanists perform their own self-therapy which is done in private. There is a common belief that the group’s self-therapy involves abusive behaviors. The Satanists however deny this since they perform self-therapy that does not include any abusive actions on their end.

Satanists follow three basic rituals which are outlined in the Satanic Bible. The Satanic Bible was created by Satanism’s founder Anton Szandor LaVey.

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