What is python used for?

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Python is a freely available programming language that can easily solve any computer problems. This programming language can even be written just once and be run on practically all computers without having to change the program. It is available on Python Software Foundation.

History of python

Python was created in 1990 by Guido von Rossum. It was later named after a British comedy named Python’s flying circus. A large team composed of volunteers further developed this programming language.

Python has been developed in various ways and as such it has many incarnations. Python is written in C at the website of the Python Software Foundation. It is also available in Java through Jython, among others.

Uses and application of python

Any modern computer operating system can use python. Users may utilize python by processing numbers, text, images and scientific data.

The Google search engine uses python for its daily operations. Similarly, Youtube, the New York Stock Exchange and NASA all use python.

Users of this programming language do not need to convert to computer-readable code before running the program since it is also an interpreted language program. Conversion can be done during runtime.

There are many applications which were written solely using Python like Youtube and for the web-based transaction systems owned and used by the NYSE.

Python can also be applied and used to build an RSS reader, Writing and reading of MySQL and PostgreSQL. Calendars in HTML can also be created using python, as well as programming of CGI for web applications.

Python is often compared to other languages such as Perl, PHP and Ruby, among others. Python, of course, differ from these languages but has various advantages over other languages. Python is displacing other languages since it is easier to read and follow which makes programs easier to extend and to maintain as well.

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