What is Pyruvate?

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Pyruvate comes from the term pyruvate acid which has a major role in sugar metabolism also known as glycolosis.

The body normally can synthesize from glucose but some food and beverages can help greatly in breaking down glucoses such as dark beer, red wine and red apples, among others. Pyruvate also comes in the form of a dietary supplement since this acid is popular in reducing cholesterol, improving endurance as well as performance in cardio exercises. It also helps in weight loss. Pyruvate is commonly used by athletes, bodybuilders and other people who are in the world of sports and athletics.

Pyruvate explained

Pyruvate as a nutrient has its energy-producing benefits that happen by a mechanism referred to as Krebs cycle.

Krebs cycle starts with the conversion into acetyl-coenzyme A which is the triggering of several biochemical reactions that start with the oxidation of the sugar components that become carbon dioxide. The result is the production of the ATP which stands for adenosine triphosphate. The ATP is needed for the fueling of cells or the process referred to as citric acid cycle.

The pyruviate is widely believed to have the ability to increase the energy in the body and as such many athletes use this to enhance their performance and endurance.

There are however contradicting studies on the effectiveness of the pyruviate in terms of performance enhancement. Earlier researches suggest that both performance and endurance of athletes were enhanced with the intake of pyruviate acid.

But further studies have also shown that the intake of pyruviate for athletes had no effect in their body composition or enhancement. A study conducted in 2005 studied 23 women who are untrained and underwent an exercise program under supervision. The result of the study showed that supplements for pyruviate did not alter the women participants’ body composition as well as their athletic and exercise performance.

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