What is PHR Certification?

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What is PHR Certification?
PHR or Professional in Human Resources certification is a requirement if you want to work on the Human Resources field. This is a necessity for the expansion of your knowledge in this particular industry. It is what you need to advance your professional career. The certification is basically offered by the Human Resources Institute. In order to get this coveted designation, you must ensure completion of a course of study. The culmination of this course is a written examination.

As a fulfillment of this requirement, the person who receives the certification basically adds credentials to his name. Moreover, you are getting the authority and eligibility to this particular field.

When did this start? PHR certification was initialized especially in 1976. However the process is already under way for a period of three years. This is in lieu with the results of the vote made by the American Society for Personnel Management board. They came up with the idea of certifying the human resources professionals along with the approval of accreditation for Human Resource managers.

If you basically want to have a certification, you must basically have experience at least a couple of years especially in the Human Relations field. This is to make you qualify for the written examination of the PHR. You could get the test two times every year and this is given to almost 300 sites especially in Canada and the US. The required time frame to get the written examination is up to four hours for completion.

The PHR Certification is a qualification requirement for career advancement. However, to maintain this designation, you must be recertified through the accumulation of 60 hours of study which takes place during the recertification cycle in a three-year period. You could also earn credits through attending seminars in related industries via computer-based transmission.

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