What is PCW?

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What is PCW?
PCW or Program Compatibility Wizard is a tool on the Control Panels of Windows Operating Systems to allow users and administrators to configure specific settings for a particular program to run on newer versions of operating systems. Some programs that successfully run on older versions or previous releases of Windows OS may not run on newer and updated OS like the Windows Vista and Windows 7. Through the PCW tool, users will have the chance to make their desired programs to work on the latest Windows OS version by configuring some settings or allowing the wizard to check on compatibility issues of the desired program with the currently installed version of Windows OS.

When a particular user for example has been using Windows XP in playing his/her favorite game and decides to upgrade his OS to another version like Windows Vista or Windows 7, his/her favorite game may not behave the way it is supposed to on the new OS environment. The gaming program may even crash and result to a blue screen if not compatible with a newer version of OS. Though software manufacturers are continuously developing and testing programs to keep with the updating of operating systems, some programs may take some time before the next new and updated release. It is during these times that the Program Compatibility Wizard may help. Though it is not a 100% guarantee that the PCW tool will successfully help configure the old gaming program with the new OS installed, it definitely is worth the try to have the program run successfully under the new OS environment.

The Program Compatibility Wizard works by detecting any compatibility issues when a program is run under the new OS environment. More often than not, the wizard fixes the necessary issues behind the scenes and configures the program to run on the new environment. Otherwise, the wizard may block the program from running or may suggest getting online updates for the program to properly run on the upgraded Windows OS environment. Care must be taken though not to use the PCW tool in checking compatibility issues with system programs, backup, and virus detection as some files may be lost and deleted.

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