What is Oktoberfest?

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Oktoberfest is a huge festival held once every year in Germany’s Munich, Bavaria area. The festival runs for 16 days starting late September and ending in early October. Oktoberfect is among the most popular city events and the largest fair in the world. It is estimated that the event is attended by 6 million people each year. The fun filled event showcases an essential part of the Bavarian tradition with many other cities in the world holding Oktoberfest events similar to the one in Munich. During the event in Munich, beers called Oktoberfest biers are served. The beers have been served during Munich events since 1818 with 6 big breweries supplying. Beer is served in huge mugs made of heavy glass. The mugs have a brewery logo decoration on the side and taken by visitors as widespread souvenirs. Stealing the mugs is not allowed and they can be bought at reasonable prices in tented locations. Those who want to purchase them are advised to maintain receipts since police do conduct searches for stolen mugs and can do this in locations outside the festival area. When caught stealing mugs, culprits pay a fine of up to fifty Euros. Those who attend the Oktoberfest event eat a lot of traditional food such as roasted pork, chicken, grilled fish, cheese noodles and white sausages.

How Oktoberfest Started

Oktoberfest started at a wedding on October, 12th 1810. The Royal wedding was between Princess Therese and King Ludwig 1 of Saxony-Hildburghausen. The festival was held in remembrance of their union and the two organized a huge horse race on 17th October. Since then, the dates for the festival vary. However, the festival was cancelled in 1812 when Bavaria got involved in the Napoleonic way. Munich citizens took the responsibility to manage the festival in 1819 and it was passed that the festival be celebrated each year without fail. Afterwards, the celebrations were extended because the weather in Bavaria is great towards end of September.

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