What is Oat Bran?

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What is Oat Bran?
Oat bran is the edible outer part of the oat grain or kernel. These outer parts or husks were usually thrown after milling the oat grains. But since it was discovered that most of the oat’s dietary fiber content is in the husk, they are now kept nowadays. Oat brans may be found today in grocery stores separate from the oat grains and kernels. This product is usually marketed to those who want to increase their fiber intake. Oat kernels sold with the bran un-removed are sold as “whole grain” varieties.

Many people value oat brans as a great health food. Just like typical oatmeal, oat brans also contain a variety of vitamins including B complex vitamins, minerals, protein, fat, and lots of fiber. Dietary fiber has been known to help lower cholesterol levels in individuals and with regular intake of oat brans, one could expect better cholesterol levels in as short as a few months. The best thing about it is that, it’s not just total cholesterol levels are lowered by eating oat bran regularly. It’s the bad cholesterol or LDL that is reduced while the good one or HDL is retained by the body. This makes oat bran a great food for the heart.

But aside from its beneficial effect to the heart, regular consumption of oats and oat bran also helps regulate blood glucose and insulin levels in people with diabetes. It has also been said that oat bran also helps those with problems and illnesses related to digestion, like Crohn’s and irritable bowel syndrome. Studies have also indicated that fiber-rich food such as oat bran may help athletes perform better in activities that require endurance with moderate intensity levels. Many experts also believe oat bran can help in losing and/or maintaining weight, as fiber assists in thorough food digestion and helps people feel full longer after a meal.

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