What is NKG?

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What is NKG?
NKG stands for Naked Karate Girls, a four-piece band from Cincinnati, Ohio USA. With band members that call themselves cops with one suspect, the NKG band adds a comedic twist to their musical performance. Band members include Mustang that does the vocals and guitars, Ponch doing the bass with vocals, Lieutenant Jack Woo in-charge of the drums and electronics, and the one that they call as the suspect TeePee, which is also the lead singer of the band.

The NKG band would also like to call themselves as a dancing rock show type of band because they play music from all sorts of decades and genres and they want to inject dancing fun in all their shows. They even provide a dancing pole in some of their shows to invite the lady audiences to come dance and party with them on stage. All across the Midwest region of the US, the NKG band is spreading its music and fun-filled dancing rock show. For people that have seen them perform, they almost always refer to the show as not just a music or dance show, but more of a wildly entertaining musical event.

Naked Karate Girls perform everywhere from clubs, to live venues, corporate parties, private occasions, and even weddings. Bookings for the band may be made possible through NKG Productions. The band has performed shows in several clubs and venues in Cincinnati and other parts of the Midwest including their favorites like Jefferson Hall, Backyard Bar, Rhino’s, and Turfway Park.

A whole lot of dancing and fun is definitely expected when going to one of NKG’s shows. The band mates themselves choose songs from different genres and decades as long as they are fun and danceable. They also like it when people sing along with their songs because they want their shows to be somewhat interactive – involving the audience to have fun and party with them. For this band, every show is different because they play a variety of fun songs that people can relate to and have a good time with.

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