What is Moko?

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What is Moko?
Moko is short for “Moko.mobi”, a global chat platform that enables people to connect with friends via their computers or cellular phones. It also features other social networking tools such as uploads for photo, video, and music which one user can share with his/her network of friends. Through partnerships with various wireless and telecommunication companies around the world, Moko is able to provide a cheaper way of texting and/or chatting with friends and family.

Moko has already partnered with wireless providers in the US, the UK, Australia, and the Philippines. By simply accessing the Moko website, one can almost instantly connect with other people with unlimited texting on mobile phones and chatting using personal computers. Joining the wide network of Moko users is usually free in any part of the world. Charges may also vary depending on the country and wireless provider involved. Most common fees include subscription fees to avail of the unlimited text and chat service. Subscriptions to wireless providers may be made on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis depending on user preference.

Similar to other social networking sites, Moko also allows users to create their own profile on the “MyMoko” feature. Pictures, videos, and text may be used to setup a personal profile. Users can also upload a gallery of favorite images and video files that one can opt to share with friends and other people. Chatting and texting with friends is also made easy by the friends list. When a particular user is currently logged in to the Moko website using his/her cellphone or laptop for example, he/she will instantly be able to check on which of his/her network of friends is online. Making new friends is also made easy on Moko by means of tag searches. Users also do not have to worry about unwanted people in the network as profiles are pre-configured to be able to “kick out” annoying people on the network.

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