What is Modal?

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Modal refers to a new type of man-made fabric that was invented recently. It has a rayon variation that is developed from when cellulose fibers are spun. Modal is much absorbent than other artificial fabrics and even cotton. It absorbs dye pretty well and is extremely colorfast. Its texture is slinky and soft making it very comfortable to use. Modal serves many purposes include the basic one of clothing. Its colorfast feature allows it not to fade from washing or wearing. Modal fabric is mostly worn by women and occasionally by men. It is suitable for women dresses and tops due to its slinky and draping effect. Modal is usually blended with cotton or other fabrics to make bathrobes, towels and bath mats due to its heavy absorbent features. The fabric is also commonly used to make bed sheets since its colorfast nature is capable of withstanding a lot of hot water laundry.

Major advantages of Modal Fabrics

Modal fabrics are bio-based textiles that are developed using reconstituted cellulose derived from a tree known as beech. It is a kind of rayon that is made solely from beechwood fibers. Modal is different from other rayons in the sense that other rayons are developed from wood pulp which combines several types of trees. It is not a natural fabric even though its raw materials are natural. Modal is made by processing beech wood fibers heavily in several chemicals. Compared to other man-made fabrics, modal breathes well and has a cool, soft touch similar to silk. Its major advantage over cotton is that this artificial fabric is shrink resistant, a problem that is prevalent with cotton fabrics. Friction on the fabric does not cause it to form pills and its softness cause deposits of hard water not to occur on its surface. When cleaning, it is important to remove the fabric from the dyer before it dries completely to prevent wrinkling.