What is MKUCool?

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What is MKUCool?
MKUCool or MKUCool.com refers to the supposed website that sells a variety of digital goods at cheap prices. Many people believe that this site is bogus and does not really exist. Most people encounter the term “MKUCool” when accessing their emails and/or surfing other sites on the internet. As the email would suggest, MKUCool is introduced as a good company involved in retailing electronic gadgets and gizmos at shopper-friendly prices. Items such as notebooks, netbooks, mobile phones, LCD television sets, digital music players, gaming devices, and even motorcycles are supposedly sold cheap.

But when people try to access the supposed website of MKUCool, they wouldn’t be able to do so and all they get is an error message on their screens indicating that the IP address of the said website cannot be resolved. Because of this, many are already suspicious of this particular website. Some have considered it as another bogus site that spreads the news about itself through email spamming.

Many people have received several emails inviting them to go to this particular site along with other supposed shopping websites. And typical of spamming methods, the emails that contain MKUCool details were supposedly from a person’s friend or colleague in which the email address is registered on the mailbox or inbox. In this way, email users won’t suspect at first if the email is spam or not. And when some users are able to open the suspect email, then they will be given information on the shopping possibilities with MKUCool only to be led to non-existent website.

Many are not sure though whether MKUCool exists only for email spamming purposes. The worst thing is that user information may be hacked when users will try to access the website that doesn’t really exist. Because of this, email and internet users in general are cautioned not to open emails that seem bogus and not to go to websites that seemed untrustworthy.

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