What is Minecraft?

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Minecraft is a very popular indie computer game developed by Markus Persson. Released back in 2009 for desktop computers with Windows and Mac OS, Minecraft has now evolved into different versions for mobile devices that run on Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. Its popularity also resulted to the release of an Xbox 360 version.

The main concept of Minecraft is that of creating and/or building blocks which are designed in a three-dimensional platform. The graphics and images in the computer game are pretty dated and old-fashioned when compared to the latest games released at present. There are also no plots or storylines involved and no actual characters to build powers and abilities with. The game is pretty much straightforward and simple and this is what made it very popular. With different gaming modes, players can explore their own creativity and create different scenes with 3D blocks and cubes. The game can also be enjoyed with other players using the multi-player option. The creative and exploration part of the game has been applauded by the gaming industry giving Minecraft several awards for innovation.

The best thing about Minecraft is that the game can be played depending on one’s preferences in terms of modes. If a player wants to experience some thrill and finishing certain tasks while building blocks, he/she may opt for the survival mode. In this mode, gathering of wood and stone are required for a player to literally survive while playing the game. Artists may also enjoy the creative mode and create buildings and landscapes without having to worry on getting enough resources to do so. There is also an adventure mode for players who like to explore maps and do different tasks during the game. The multi-player mode allows several players to play and interact with each other in a single landscape or play area.


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