What is Mildew?

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Mildew is a kind of fungi that thrives in wet surfaces such as leather, bathroom walls and fabrics. Mildew is very similar to mold, which is also a fungi. The difference between mildew and mold is in appearance. While mildew has a grayish or whitish color, mold is naturally green or black. Mold develops on food stuffs in form of multi-cellular hyphae while mildew grows in a flat form. Mildew infestation is easy to treat using a scrubbing brush and cleaner. On the other hand, mold results from a much bigger infestation. In terms of similarities, both mold and mildew are forms of fungi that thrive in warm, moist areas. They grow on different surfaces including shower areas, food even paper. Though poisonous mold is uncommon in well maintained homes, this type of mold is harmful to people’s health. It can result to asthma, allergies, irritated eyes, lung infections and headaches.

Medical Effects of Mildew and Mold

Exposure to mildew can lead to coughing, difficulty breathing, headaches and sore throat. Health problems caused by mold vary based on the strain of the mold. They include coughing, difficulty in breathing, sneezing, migraines, sore throat, sinuses, pneumonia, rashes, allergic infections, inflammations, fatigue and depression.

Treating Mold and Mildew

The way to treat mildew and mold is wiping it within the home as soon as possible. Good treatment protects the home from perpetual damage. When treating mildew or mold, ensure that the area ventilated well because mildew and mold cleaners remove harmful fumes. Put on a face mask to avoid breathing spores from the mildew or mold. Ensure you put on rubber gloves so your hands do not come into contact with mildew and mold or the cleaning agent. Use an effective antimicrobial mildew and mold remover and clean the area surrounding infested sections thoroughly to get rid of all mildew or mold substances.

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