What is Microsoft Works?

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Microsoft Works simply refers to a smaller version of Microsoft Office. This collection of softwares allows the computer users to perform different tasks for productivity, such as word processing, database management, and spreadsheet production.

Just like Microsoft Word, the Word Processor program of Microsoft Works enables the user to do various tasks, such as writing résumés, letters, and even greeting cards. This application can provide different templates depending on what the user will create, and also comes with built-in features like proofing tools and a dictionary to help with the creation of documents. Although it does not contain the complexities of Microsoft Word, this word processing program can enable users to edit files that were made with the 1997 to 2007 versions of Word.

Another useful component of Microsoft Works is the Works Spreadsheet, which is an application that is similar with the Microsoft Excel. This program can help users create spreadsheets to keep track with budgets and planning household-related tasks. Moreover, this spreadsheet creation software also serves as a useful tool for making sports tournament brackets, goal reporting, individual statistics, and other things that are essential when hosting activities.

There is also an application included in the package called Microsoft Works Database, which allows users to create and manage contact lists. This program provides different templates that the user can choose from when creating the contact lists.

In addition, Microsoft Works also has a Works Calendar application, wherein it is possible to put together up to 32 calendars in a single view in order to manage the schedule of the family. Just like other calendar softwares, this program allows the user to look at the items in the calendar in different views (day, week, or month).

All of the Works application can be accessed in a single window through the Works Task Launcher. Furthermore, the Microsoft Office applications that are installed in the unit can be accessed through the same window.

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