What is Microsoft Access?

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MS Access

Microsoft Access, also written as MS Access is a tool for managing information developed by Microsoft as part of Microsoft Office Suite. However, not all MS office suites have MS Access so if you are specifically looking for MS Access, be sure to confirm that the suite you purchase has this program. MS Access runs on the Windows platform to help users in storage of information for purposes of reference, analyzing and reporting. Using MS Access, users can be able to analyze large quantities of information as well as manage data that is related in a more efficient manner compared to other spreadsheet applications such as MS Excel. Though MS Access has been in existence for a long time now, few people have the skill to use it and the awareness of how much this program can do in terms of managing information.

How MS Access Works

MS Access has the feel and look of other MS Office products. These include navigation and layout features. However, that is all with respect to similarities. MS Access is a relational database program with a .mdb extension. Though the extension changed to .accb after 2007, versions developed prior to 2007 cannot read the .accb extension by the 2007 version can read extensions from previous versions. MS Access contains seven main components. These are tables, queries, relationships, forms, macros, reports and modules. Tables form the backbone of the program; they serve as containers for storing data that is entered in the database. When tables are not set correctly in terms of relationships, they slow down database performance and generate inaccurate results. Forms, queries and other components depend on data entered through tables. Essentially, tables that have data in MS Access are very similar to those in MS Excel or MS Word when they are opened. Each column has a field name on top and each row represents a specific record.

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