What is Mestizo?

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Mestizo is a term that refers to descendants of indigenous Americans and the Spanish. It is a Spanish term that means mixed. The term is used traditionally in Latin America to refer to persons of mixed nationality, particularly American and European origin. The term was common in Spanish empire at the time when American colonies were under the Spanish. During this time, the Mestizo had lesser rights compared to European nationals.

Origin of Mestizos

As the Spanish started colonizing Latin America, they created social classing in order to regulate the territories they dominated. They used the racial approach to organize populations where they placed Spanish born whites at the top of the social class. These were closely followed by white children borne by Spanish born outside Spain. The Mestizos followed next on this social pyramid as descendants of Spanish and indigenous Americans. With time, the Mestizo population grew to become the biggest in Latin America despite of their low position on the social strata. Below the Mestizos were indigenous Americans followed by black slaves from Africa and the descendants of the black slaves and Spaniards. Most Spanish colonizers were men who sought after glory and gold. Due to the ratio of Spanish men to women in Spanish colonies, the men got related with women from Indigenous America.

Mestizo Population in Belize in Latin America

In Belize, the Mestizos were refugees who came from the Yucatan Caste war in mid-19th century. They communicated in Spanish and were mostly Catholics. With time, they started speaking English as well as other languages and also changed religion. During the colonial time, the Mestizos faced discrimination due to the fact that they spoke Spanish. Their population however grew to become the second to the largest ethnic group. Most of them are found in districts in the north. Mestizos also form the biggest and most dominant cultural group in most Latin America countries.

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