What is “MCRmy”?

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What is ‘MCRmy’?

‘MCRmy’ is short for ‘My Chemical Romance Army,’ and it refers to the legions of loyal fans and supporters of the alternative rock band My Chemical Romance.  Fans of this very popular music group like to call themselves MCRmy, and many of them are proud and consider themselves a close-knit group of fans.  Some people also refer to the activities of MCRmy as cult-like on one side or family-like on the other side of the spectrum since so-called members of this army are often close with each other and frequently fight for their beloved music band.

My Chemical Romance is one of America’s most popular and successful alternative rock bands.  This particular music group was formed back in 2001 with Gerard Way as the lead vocalist, Frank Iero, and Ray Toro doing the guitars, and Mikey Way playing the bass guitar.  The band’s debut album was released in 2002, but their first major label album was not released until 2004.  Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge was the title of the major album, and this was released under Reprise Records.  With this record, the band became a hit with the fans with the album reaching platinum status.  The band’s popularity even soared higher with the release of another album in 2006.

With many hit songs and platinum-selling albums under their belt, My Chemical Romance has also increased their fan base across the world with many of these fans classifying themselves as part of the MCRmy, as they say.  Some people also use the term ‘MCRmy’ when doing promotions for the band’s concerts, tours, and other activities.  Members of this so-called ‘army’ are also active doing promotional events on the streets of America which is why some people also refer to the MCRmy as the band’s street soldiers.  Some sell concert tickets and merchandise while others give out leaflets to promote their cause.

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