What is McCarthyism?

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McCarthyism was a movement in the US in the 1950s that were started by Joseph McCarthy, a US senator at that time who fought against the spread of communism. The term McCarthyism was coined after the senator made rapid investigations of various Americans, who could have possible ties.

McCarthy was heavily criticized for the manner of his investigations. Critics complained that the senator was already in violation of the rights of the people, particularly the right to free speech as McCarthy’s investigation has ruined the lives of many. Those who were subjected to the senator’s investigation experienced a tarnishing of their reputation.

The US senate criticized McCarthyism as well saying that the senator abused his powers. It was later found out that some of those who were subjected to the investigation of McCarthy were actually foreign spies. But many others who went under heavy interrogation were plain innocent people.

History of McCarthyism

There was a wide spread fear for communism back in the 1950s given that there were countries that had communists group taking over the government. There was fear that the same thing might happen to the United States. Some individuals are scared that even top US government officials are secretly communists already and were waiting for the right time to come out and help foreign communists.

McCarthy through his office further enhanced the fear of the Americans and went on to conduct public investigations of possible communists in the country. The profile of those who were subjected to McCarthy’s investigations is mixed; some individuals belong to the middle class while others are high-profile personalities including people from Hollywood.

The investigations were considered by many as a witch-hunt since some were merely investigated for being acquainted with someone who was already being investigated. Those who underwent interrogations had a difficult time finding jobs after they were investigated.

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