What is Malic Acid?

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Malic Acid


Malic acid as the name indicates is an organic decarboxylic acid found in many fruits (Cherry, apple) that has many functions in the body. Many plants produce their own malic acid while in animals it mainly functions as an energy source mainly converting carbohydrates in to energy. It is a very important substance both commercially at a large scale and in the body.


Therapeutic uses:

  • It should be produced in the body in a sufficient amount else it may lead to different syndromes e.g. chronic fatigue syndrome (CSF) and fibromyalgia which include the improvement in the function of muscles. This acid is provided in combination with magnesium in order to significantly improve the function of muscles in the body.
  • In addition to improvement of muscle activity in the body this acid is also used in the treatment of the metallic toxicity i.e. the accumulation of heavy metals in the body, it acts on the metals to decrease their amount.
  • Industrial uses:

  • This acid is added to many soft drinks and beverages in order to add flavor and texture to them.Malic acid is also used in different mouth washes etc.
  • Because of its antiseptic nature that inhibits the growth of bacteria and different microbes in the mouth thus indirectly improving the hygienic conditions in the environment.
  • This acid is also used in different cosmetic products because of its quality to exfoliate the skin which increase the freshness of the skin.

Malic acid may have certain side effects which may include dizziness, itching, abdominal pain and certain other symptoms may occur in the course of using malic acid drugs/products.

Malic acid when used with alpha hydroxy acid produces irritation in eyes. This product is very useful in the enhancement of the health of your skin but at times produces mild effects of irritation in eyes.

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