What is LSDAS?

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What is LSDAS?
LSDAS stands for Law School Data Assembly Service and this pertains to the service offered by the Law School Admission Council to collate all data from incoming students of various law schools. The LSDAS serves as a centralized database of all relevant information on pre-law students that seek entry to different law schools approved by the American Bar Association. This service is provided by the LSAC to help pre-law students have a centralized portal for all their information from which law schools can check into.

LSDAS serves as the main source of information in screening possible law students for a particular law school. LSDAS contains the basic information of the pre-law student including his/her grades. And since different pre-law schools have different grading systems, all scores and grades posted on LSDAS are provided with their equivalent scores to make the grading system consistent in the eyes of the ABA-approved law schools. In this way, student applicants are evaluated using a standard grading system which makes it easier for the accepting law school. This system also evens out the discrepancies in the grading systems submitted by student applicants from different institutions.

Most law schools also require students to pass the LSAT or the Law School Admission Test, and through the LSDAS, these scores will be posted including the date/s the tests were taken. In the case of students who have taken the LSAT more than once in a period of five years for example, the LSDAS will give the corresponding average score.

The LSDAS provides a convenient service to almost all law schools in the US as it can give the necessary information for screening student applicants. It also works for the student applicants in a way that they don’t have to submit several papers to different institutions and law schools they wish to attend.

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