What is lre in special education?

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LRE stands for least restrictive environment and LRE in special education is a law that school children who are disabled must still get an education along with the nondisabled students as much as possible.

This means that those with learning disabilities should not be taken out of regular classes. Disabled students can only be removed from a class if they can no longer catchup with their peers despite the use of educational supplemental services and aids.

LRE in special education

The US Federal law under section 14.2 stipulates that kids with disabilities should be part of the mainstream class.

In order to achieve this, educators handing a person with disabilities should obtain the needed natural super aids and provide such to the student in need. It is important that a disabled student can get his or her education with the non-disabled students of his class.

A student who is considered to have extreme disabilities still should be able to integrate and participate in a large number of school activities which include taking lunch or recess breaks, school sponsored dances and school clubs.

The disabled student must also be able to take part in some activities of regular class like music, computers or art classes. The students must be allowed to utilize the school’s facilities such as the gym, library, cafeterias and hallways.

Supplemental aids

The law also requires that schools provide supplemental educational aid to kids with disabilities so that they can be part of a regular class.

Supplemental aid may be a bit broad, but it includes the use of behavioral management techniques, modified textbooks, visual and audio aids, and modified test delivery, among others.

The law also states that the school considers other intervention strategies for the disabled student when the disabled student exhibits behavior that disrupts the class or obstructs the learning of other students.

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