What is Lost About?

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What is Lost About?
Lost is basically a TV series originally shown and aired first on 2004 and through 2010. There are six seasons shown in ABC or American Broadcasting Company, the channel which hosted the said series. The concept of the show is more on drama and it features several characters in the story as well as the groups they belong to. Most importantly, the story evolves on the different important individuals or basically the survivor group.

The story introduces the plot mainly of the story of the people who live on after the commercial jet they were in crashes on a mysterious and lone island. The story tells that the passenger aircraft was on the route flight for locations Los Angeles and Sydney in Australia. The crash site where the aircraft landed was said to be somewhere in the groups of islands cradled in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean.

In order to know more what Lost is all about, it is vital to basically follow and watch the episodes of the series in a chronological manner. That’s because the storyline is revealed in an ongoing or serialized way. The episodes mainly feature the plots on whatever is happening to the characters in their lives in the island. However, there are also secondary plots and storylines which manifest the background of a person in a different angle or time, more of like a flashback.

This interesting and addictive TV series was a creation of Damon Lindelof, J.J. Abrams and Jeffrey Lieber. These three minds are responsible for the creation and writing of the episodes in the series while J.J. Abrams was mainly credited for his directorial work. There are known achievements and success stories related to the continuous airing of Lost on national television. It even earned consistent ratings and positive reviews from critic.

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