What is Lorazepam Used For?

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Lorazepam refers to a kind of medication, which is also popular as benzodiazepine. The effects of this type of drug are on the central nervous system. Generally, it can boost the benefits of GABA, which is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for calming the muscles and nerves of the body. Although the medication can lead to drug dependence when used for a long span of time, Lorazepam is usually prescribed to patients who have chronic and acute anxiety.

It has been approved by the FDA for the short-term treatment of the symptoms of anxiety, regardless of whether symptoms of depression are present or not. It can be used for the treatment of anxiety disorder s because it can suppress the central nervous system, while not affecting the respiratory and cardiovascular systems of the body.

Lorazepam also has sedating effects, which is why it is also effective for the temporary treatment of insomnia that results from stress or anxiety. A single dose of this drug is enough to be taken during bedtime. Other important benefits of this medication include the treatment of nausea, status epilepticus, restless leg syndrome, sedation during ventilator use, alcohol withdrawal, and muscle spasms of patients with cerebral palsy or multiple sclerosis.

This medication is normally administered (sometimes together with other anti-nausea drugs) to patients who are undergoing chemotherapy, in order to treat nausea that results from the medical procedure. This is usually given right after the chemotherapy session to combat the mentioned side effect. In addition, it is also used for the treatment of seizures called status epilepticus, but is ineffective for the long-term prevention of this condition. The reason behind this is that the body may eventually develop tolerance to this drug. Finally, lorazepam can also have amnesic effects, and is usually administered two hours before a dental or surgical procedure to enhance compliance and reduce the quantity of anesthesia that is required.

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