What is London broil?

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London broil

London broil a common beef dish made in North America by grilling or broiling marinated side steak before cutting it over the grain to produce thin strips. It actually refers to a cooking technique or a recipe. London broil was among the very first recipes to gain popularity in the US hence its name became identical to the cut of meat. That is why most people think it refers to a cut of meat, particularly meat in the local market. The origin of London broil remains unknown. Though its name suggests London, it certainly did not originate from Britain. When it started, a London broil dish was originally made with a side steak. With time, this changed and the name is used to refer to any cut of meat that is less tender and very lean. This explains why London broil can be found as roast or steak form cut from the round or sirloin parts of a cow.

Different ways of Making London Broil

The original way of making London broil was by pan frying a side steak to medium rare. The fried steak would then be cut across grain into thin strips then served. This approach is great for making side steak since this part of meat gets very tough when cooked for a long time. It becomes easy to cut it into strips when pan fried and therefore even the blunt teeth can easily chew it. However, this method of making London broil has changed with time to include flavoring side steak before broiling or grilling it. This procedure gives meaning to this popular dish. The way flavoring of London broil was done traditionally has changes and today, it ranges from simply mixing olive oil with pepper and salt to assembling a wide range of ingredients.

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