What is Livestock?

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Livestock is a blank term that refers to animals that are domesticated and raised in a controlled environment such as an agricultural farm. Usually the intention is for them to provide the owner with food, labor and textile. There are different types of livestock including pigs, horses, goats, sheep, cows, and poultry. In some parts of the world, many other partly wild animals are domesticated and considered to be livestock. These include camels, yaks, reindeer, and emus. Human beings have lived in harmony with domesticated for many years. The increased focus on farming, particularly livestock keeping has contributed to changes in human culture. However, the term livestock may be taken to mean different things depending on how it is interpreted. In some instances, livestock is taken to mean ‘stock’ implying that animals are actually property. This interpretation infers that animals are live inventory or stock that belongs to a farmer.

Difference between livestock and wild animals

Animals that a fully domesticated like horses and cows differ radically from wild animals. In some situations, ancestors of domesticated animals in the wild are extinct due to selective breeding of their domesticated versions by human beings over a long time. Domesticated animals would have a very hard time adjusting to life in the wild since they have been bred and taught to be more docile compared to wild animals. Semi-wild livestock like rabbits thrive both in the wild as well as domestic settings. Livestock keeping is mostly for profit purposes. Animal husbandry is at the core of contemporary agriculture and it is carried out in different cultures since human beings transited from hunting and gathering to farming. Domestication of animals was embraces as part of farming so that human beings can control their breeding as well as their living conditions for increased production of labor, fiber and food.

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