What is life?

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Life is a philosophical term which can be interpreted in so many different ways. Depending on the views and beliefs of a person, life may have varied meanings. In general, life is considered the main distinguishing factor between humans or animals and inorganic objects for example. In the scientific view of things, life involves growth and development. Humans and animals have cells that divide and/or multiply to grow and develop into different organs or parts of the body. Inorganic objects meanwhile cannot grow and develop into bigger objects. With this concept, life is considered a force that makes people and animals breathe, grow, and develop.

Under the same scientific point of view, life is also considered a means of reproduction. Through life, a certain organism will be able to multiply and reproduce. Animals, including human beings, are able to have offspring because of life. In the same way, plants have their own way of reproducing one of their own making them a part of what is alive in the universe. Using reproduction, growth, and development as basis, organisms that have become dead are considered lifeless or without life. This is mainly due to the fact that a dead person or animal is not able to grow anymore. The same dead organism is also incapable of reproducing because of the absence of life.

Defining what is life also stimulates every thought and imagination regarding its purpose or meaning. Many people literally take life for granted or simply as it is by doing what they do every single day. The life that many people have is simply based on what they were taught and what they see or experience. Some people meanwhile dig a little deeper and find more meaning about their lives. For religious people, life is something that has a deeper purpose that involves serving God. The view of Confucianism relates life with a need for self-discipline and also education. Taoism views life as a process that is supposed to be directed towards being one again with the universe.