What is Liberal Arts?

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Liberal Arts


The term Liberal arts can be taken in several meanings. It is can be used to refer to different disciplines of history, art and literature. In ancient days liberal arts were those skills that were considered necessary in order to be an active citizen. Those skills included public speaking, self-defense in court, military service and music etc. Grammar, logic were fundamental subjects while math, geometry and astronomy also contributed by some means in education. The basic aim was to produce a person who was righteous and ethical, educated in versatile fields and highly articulate.


In modern context a wide range of subjects fall under the category of liberal arts but the spectrum is accepted to cover humanities, natural sciences, formal sciences and social sciences. The educational degree of liberal arts is basically an inter-disciplinary program covering all the above mentioned disciplines. The liberal arts prospectus of today have a modernized choice of a much larger and broader range of subjects but it still preserves the core aims of the liberal arts curricula kept in the mediaeval times : to develop seasoned individuals with general knowledge of a wide range of subjects and with mastery of a range of exchangeable skills. They will become ‘global citizens’, with the ability to pursue lifelong learning and become valued fellows of their communities.

A liberal arts education develops both the left and right side of the brain. Students with liberal arts education have a different mindset and they can easily manipulate things understanding the basic concept behind it. Learning and facing global viewpoints enhances their ability to communicate with the extremely diverse societies we live in.

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