What is Left-brained?

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What is Left-brained?
Left-brained is the term used for people who are said to be more analytical and processes information in sequence rather than receiving them as a whole idea. This concept of being “left-brained” or “right-brained” came about as a result of studies that revealed that the two sides of the brain actually process info and data differently. The right brain is said to be involved more with random, intuitive, and subjective thinking, while the left brain is more into logic, objectives, and reasoning. Those that are good with analysis and detailed reasoning are said to be “left-brained” while those who are more in touch with feelings and intuitions are said to be “right-brained”.

Left-brained people are regarded as “smarter” people in the sense that these people process thoughts sequentially, and are better in analysis and reasoning. They are said to perform better in tasks or subjects like math, science, reading, and writing. Right-brained people meanwhile are said to be more creative. These people see things as a whole or general concept and process the little details later on. In contrast, left-brained people think about the details first before coming up with the whole concept. And because of their more sequential and analytical minds, left-brained people also tend to more critical of their own ideas. They become skeptics in life and always over-analyze things. It’s like these people feel the need to always have a reason for something. Like when there’s a new idea or situation involved, left-brained people always think of questions like how the new idea works or how it affects the present situation. And because of this way of thinking, they easily get frustrated.

But there really is no “better” way of thinking when comparing those of left-brained and right-brained people. One could make adjustments in performing specific tasks to sort of educate the other side of the brain into doing something that’s doesn’t come naturally.


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