What is LBD?

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What is LBD?
LBD is the shortened version of the term ‘little black dress’ which is a mainstay in the of fashion world. The term used to refer to a cocktail or evening dress is often tailored quite short with simple cut. Most fashion experts and historians refer to the origin of the dress type way back 1920s based from the designs of world-renowned Coco Chanel.

However, in its initial state, the dress is intended to be versatile, accessible to people in the widest market, long lasting and most of all, affordable. These types are likewise intended to be neutral in color however even if it is not typically in black color, it is still referred to as little black dress.

It is very essential to complete the wardrobe of all fashion conscious women. This is a staple that many fashion observers and women ought to have. In fact, most believe that the ‘rule of fashion’ states that a woman should have at least one elegant, simple black dress or LBD. It must be versatile enough to be used in different occasions to help you dress up or down based on the occasion you are attending.

Most little black dresses are now given more flexible concept and design so that you could also wear it during daytime, and not just its usual function as evening dress. There are women who wear LBD with jacket and pumps especially when they sport their business wear. You could add more accessories such as ornate jewelry if you want to wear it during cocktail parties or evening gatherings. Others prefer designs with appliqués for occasions that are more formal.

LBD should be ideally a short black dress which does not follow the fad or trend since it would not be too useful and relevant especially if it already become outdated.

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