What is LARPing?

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LARPing refers to playing LARP or taking part of a LARP event. LARP stands for Live-Action Role-Playing and it refers to a game wherein people will play different fictional roles based on a particular theme or movie. LARPing is likened to being part of a theater or play with a gaming element. In LARPing, people often wear costumes of their chosen characters and take part in LARP events that are organized for a specific purpose.

In LARPing, the rules of the game are typically assumed by so-called game-masters. Much like event coordinators, the game-masters are in-charge in terms of the venue, the guidelines and policies involved in the role-playing game. LARPing may be done as a private party or event or in a public place or venue. Many LARPing events are based on movies or books with extraordinary storylines and characters. In large events with hundreds or thousands of participants, the role-playing game of LARPing can continue for several hours or even days. Aside from the game-masters there may also be other people called “crew” who will help with implementing the game guidelines. So-called crew members do not necessarily take role-playing parts but rather act as game assistants or moderators. Some LARPing events only involve artistic expression and interaction between players while other events also include gaming and competition between participants.

Most LARPing events are held purely for entertainment. Many people simply want to have fun taking in roles and donning costumes of their favorite characters. Some people also enjoy the idea of interacting with other players who share the same passion for LARPing. There are also LARPing events that are done for educational purposes. Some schools implement LARPing as a way for students to learn a certain story or topic through role-playing with other kids. Language classes for example may be taught to students through LARPing because of the role-playing and highly interactive aspect of this type of game.

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