What is LAMP stack?

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LAMP stack refers to a software stack or bundle that includes Linux (L), Apache (A), MySQL (M) and PHP (P). All these components are basically stacked together to create an open-source program that can be utilized in creating dynamic web pages. Each of the features of the component programs is essential in providing dynamic content to a particular web page. Other than being an open-source software application bundle, LAMP stack also allows for easy inter-change between different program components. With this feature, the LAMP stack architecture has been used an applied to other programming bundles like the one made for the Microsoft environment called WAMP.

The LAMP stack or software bundle literally involves stacking of the different software application components. Linux is the main component for providing the platform or operating system and the other three components are basically derived or stacked from this main layer. Apache is the next component and provides the web server environment when creating web pages and content. MySQL meanwhile takes care of the database requirements of web pages and sites. The last component is PHP which provides scripting and/or programming features for web pages. Taking all these components will result to a dynamic web experience.

Being an open-source software bundle, the LAMP stack provides for an accessible and inexpensive way for developers and programmers to create dynamic solutions for web pages. Instead of having to pay for licensing fees to various proprietary and branded software programs, developers can take advantage of LAMP stack’s open-source feature. For people who wish to deploy dynamic and high-performance pages and web applications, using LAMP stack is considered robust enough with associated extra features. Using LAMP stack is also considered a great choice when planning to duplicate a site, for testing web server and configuration issues, or when creating a reliable database or website backup.

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