What is Laminate Flooring?

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Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring refers to a hybrid type of flooring that appears like stone or hardwood. It is not necessarily engineering or vinyl tiling though it is very similar to all those. People prefer laminate flooring for its simple installation processes. One can fix even hundreds of square feet within a weekend. Laminate flooring is also very easy to maintain because it is resistant to scratches and easy to clean. This makes it a very suitable choice for people who keep clawed pets such as dogs and cats. Laminate flooring is commonly referred to as the floating type of floor. This is because no nailing is required in the installation process but it is installed through an ingenious process that involves rolling out cheap underlay foam, taping it together then laying out the laminate planks.

Qualities of Laminate Flooring

Since the planks are usually joint one piece to another to form a single heavy unit, laminate flooring does not slide around. Another import feature of laminate flooring it that it is made of synthetic material and not actual wood. Laminate flooring is often called with the Pergo brand name. It is manufactured using synthetic material by companies that deal in synthetic floorings. Though it looks like wood, it is made of two thin paper sheets that are impregnated using melamine. Usually, the top layer contains an image of wood grain which gives it an appearance similar to that of wood. The top layer is then covered with a firm transparent layer. Composite made of wood chip consists half an inch of the material beneath the wood-grain image. This makes laminate floors theoretically wooden. This is where laminate flooring strength and weakness lies. The strength is laminate flooring is practically replicable to give it any look on earth including that of most expensive Italian marble. The weakness is that the appearance is all fake.

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