What is knowledge?

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Knowledge refers to a state wherein a person knows something or has information about something. It also pertains to something that one has learned, applied, or understood. Knowledge may also be in the form having facts for certain things or having experienced something. For different people, acquiring knowledge may be done through different ways and techniques. Some people are also considered fast-learners or geniuses wherein acquiring knowledge is easy and almost effortless. For some people, getting information or idea about different things in life may require more time and effort and even other techniques just to even things up with geniuses.

As for the experts, knowledge is acquired through a complex process involving various stages like perception or interpretation, communication, and also reasoning. Most information or data acquired is through the interpretation or perception stage. In this stage, people are exposed to different things in terms of seeing, hearing, or feeling. These encounters are then interpreted and processed to be understood. Communication is another stage wherein many people express their ideas and encounters with other people and gain more knowledge from it. Reasoning is also another way of acquiring knowledge and it is through this stage that people use logic, existing ideas, and experiences in interpreting new information or ideas.

Many people become knowledgeable of things through the teachings of others. Babies and toddlers for example often start to learn from the teachings of their parents and caregivers. The learning will also continue for students while attending school. New ideas and concepts are acquired with various lessons and subjects and school. Additional knowledge will also be acquired based on communication with other people like classmates, family members, office mates, and neighbors. The simple exchange of ideas can improve learning about different things in life. Experience is also considered a great way to acquire knowledge. Some ideas and concepts in life can only become part of one’s knowledge through actual experience.

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