What is Kevlar made of?

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Kevlar is a synthetic material made of plastic that can withstand knives and bullets. Some say that Kevlar is stronger than steel by at least five times. Kevlar is used for many objects like making bowstrings and boats and for the reinforcement of brake pads as well as tires.

Kevlar is considered as a magic modern material which many find useful.

Components of Kevlar

Kevlar is very strong but is considered weight light given its strength. It is made from a very strong kind of plastic. It is very strong because of the material used and because of how it is made. The molecules are arranged in a natural way in parallel lines, and its fibers are knitted together tightly.

Kevlar is not made straight from a raw material like other materials like cotton. Kevlar is made from aromatic polyamide polymer that is synthetic or simply called as aramids.

Kevlar is made inside a chemical laboratory just like any other synthetic materials. Since it is aromatic, it means that Kevlar also have tightly knitted molecules.

Kevlar comes from the same family of nylon since they were manufactured by the same manufacturer DuPont. Kevlar started in the 1970s and was earlier discovered by Stephanie Kwolek, who is a chemist.

Properties of Kevlar

Kevlar comes into two kinds—Kevlar 49 and Kevlar 29. These two vary in their tensile strength. It is made from plastic but do not expect it to melt easily. This material can withstand temperature of roughly 450 centigrade.

Low temperatures cannot hurt or damage Kevlar. But prolonged exposure to UV light such as the sunlight can cause Kevlar to discolor. UV light can also degrade its fibers.

Likewise, prolonged exposure to various chemicals like bases or acids can also cause degradation of Kevlar? It also does not easily get affected by exposure to moisture.

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