What is JTS?

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What is JTS?

JTS refers to the Java Transaction Service which is one important component of the Java 2 Enterprise Edition platform for server programming. JTS works along with Java Transaction API (application program interface) in creating distributed applications that are highly efficient and robust enough for use by different systems and for potential problems and failures in the computer network.

One main function of JTS is to give specifications regarding the technical implementation of a standard transaction manager which happens to support Java Transaction API-based components at the high level of the platform. On the low level meanwhile, JTS is responsible for mapping specifications of the OMG OTS or OMG Object Transaction Service, which is another part of the Java platform. This same service is used in the CORBA architecture which allows for various applications and software programs to work together despite being written in different languages.

It is said that the transaction management features provided by JTS is very important and key to the overall J2EE environment or platform. For obvious reasons and needs, large organizations and enterprises also have large transaction volumes and so will require applications and services to handle them effectively and cost-efficiently. With JTS, enterprises will better manage their transactions and all other company data involved.

The components of JTS include the transaction manager, the main application server, several components, the resource manager, and the communication resource manager. All these components work together to provide an efficient transaction management platform or service. Information security is also not an issue with JTS because it is able to hide details of the transaction management components. JTS is also able to provide consistency in terms of transaction data storage and handling which contributes to the overall durability of this particular Java service. The transactions involved under JTS are also able to execute independently from each other which further add to the consistency and robustness of this Java service.

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