What is JSP?

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What is JSP?

JSP or JavaServer Pages refers to a Java-based technology that allows website and software developers to create webpages that are dynamic using various document types including HTML (HyperText Markup Language) or XML (Extensible Markup Language) and even DHTML.  Using only basic HTML for example, web pages are said to be static and serve only to present data, information, and pictures. Data involved in these static web pages are literally presented ‘flat’ and can only be read on the page without any form of interaction with the user.  Dynamic webpages meanwhile are created with small programs embedded within the HTML codes of a particular page.  JSP represents the Java codes that are for embedding on HTML, XML, or DHTML pages.

Basically what happens is that mini programs using JavaServer pages are inserted onto a particular static page.  If the page is written in HTML, then JSP codes will be used to provide for specific actions on the webpage.  The codes are then compiled and run on the Java server to cause a pre-determined action on the page making it dynamic.  Compilation of JSP codes result to the creation of servelets that may be directly executable or may be run ‘on the fly’ which reduces the time for reloading a particular page.  And since the codes involved in JSP technology are Java-based, these must also run in a Java-based environment called the Java Virtual Machine.

And even if there is similar technology to JSP, many software developers still prefer JSP simply because the codes are written in Java which is a little bit easier and less complex.  Java-based technologies are also considered very powerful in terms of various functionalities.  JSP also offers the convenience of embedding Java codes on webpage HTML that is written by other developers.  This allows for greater efficiency between a webpage design team which takes care of the HTML codes and the webpage programmers that take care of embedding codes to make the page dynamic.

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