What is JMP?

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What is JMP?
JMP is statistical software created by SAS, a leading company in business analytics software and services. Pronounced as “Jump”, JMP is a tool for exploring data and interacting with it. John Sall, SAS co-founder and Executive Vice President, is credited for developing the JMP software and remains as its chief architect.

JMP was originally released in 1989 for Macintosh computers. Some 20 years later, JMP has continued to help businesses today with data analysis. Over the years, JMP has evolved into a family of products. Basic “JMP” features powerful data visualization with deep analytics. It also has an “add-in ” for Microsoft Excel for easy data transfer between the two platforms. “JMP Pro” has every feature of basic JMP plus more advanced analytic techniques which are very helpful in predictive modeling and data mining. “JMP Pro” is what you need if you want rapid visual comparison between competing model types, or if you want to use bootstrap forests, cross-validation, stepwise regression, and neural networks to build predictive models. “JMP Clinical” meanwhile is targeted for safety review of clinical trials data, helping biostatisticians and clinicians move into a new review environment. “JMP Genomics” is another product which features enhancements on almost all basic “JMP” features. With a refreshed new user interface, “JMP Genomics” makes automatic organizing of results into tabbed reports and allows for easier customization of analysis options.

JMP has been a very powerful tool and desktop software for statistical data for more than two decades already. To date, there are about 250,000 JMP users who are taking advantage of JMP’s features and benefits. Worldwide, JMP is used in product innovation, banking and financial services, healthcare, chemistry, pharmacology, insurance business, technology-related industries and even in the aeronautics field. It is also used in some programs for the Six Sigma Methodology, which is involved in process improvement measures and techniques.

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