What is JKC registration?

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JKC or the Japan Kennel Club is the main dog registry body in Japan.  Dog owners may register their purebred pets with the JKC in order to get an official license or ID. Pedigrees or purebreds that originate from Japan may be get registered through the JKC.  These pedigrees include Akita, Hokkaido, Japanese Spitz, Shiba Inu, and Tosa breeds among others.  If a pet owner in Japan has one or many of these purebreds he/she may seek registration from the JKC in order to become an official member of the club.

JKC registration means that the purebred pets may join the official events of the club. These events include dog shows, contests, seminars, and other activities dedicated primarily to the raising of pure Japanese breeds of dogs.  Some of these events feature a conformation evaluation wherein registered dogs are checked if they conform to the official standards of the specific breed. Registration with the JKC also allows members to join dog shows and competitions.  These contests may feature the best in breed category while others also give recognition in terms of dog behavior and obedience to its master.

There are various dog or kennel clubs across the world just like JKC or the Japanese Kennel Club. JKC is also part of an international organization of various clubs around the world.  These clubs are basically created to promote the raising of purebred and pedigrees around the world.  For members of the JKC, registering their dogs provides various benefits.  Aside from the access to club-sponsored events, JKC registration will also help track dog ownership across Japan.  Being a registered member of the JKC also certifies the dog of its status as a purebred and also as health-certified pet.  Registration with dog clubs such as the JKC is also useful in the events that they get lost.  Retrieval and reunification with families is also easier if there are pet records available like JKC registration documents and files.


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